His Word: From Heard to Lived — Stuck?! Where?

Whether our lives can stand the test of rain, flood and wind totally depends on how much we live a lifestyle of turning God’s Word into life experience.  https://hiswordinourhearts.net/2015/05/05/rock-or-sand-wise-or-foolish-the-word-or-the-world/ Turning God’s Word into actual life experience is easier said than done. Tracing the steps: 1. Hearing/Reading/Intaking of the Word, followed by 2. Believing/Receiving/Convicting in our heart, followed … Continue reading His Word: From Heard to Lived — Stuck?! Where?

Rock or Sand.

Living a lifestyle of translating the Word into first hand experiences out of obedience is a life that is WISE. It is a life built upon the ROCK. A life that rain and wind and flood CANNOT SHAKE. A lifestyle of lacking first hand experience of the Word is in fact a lifestyle in disobedience. That is … Continue reading Rock or Sand.